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Setting the facts straight about the OUYA console

Eddie's Editorials #1 - By Ed Krassenstein
The OUYA Misconceptions: Setting the facts straight about the OUYA

(April 2, 2013) Over the past few weeks, many publications, twitter users, and competitors of OUYA have been spreading a plethora of misinformation concerning the new game console. This editorial is meant to clear up those misconceptions, and help draw a clearer picture for those gamers who are considering purchasing an OUYA, as well as those writers, tweeters, and competitors who have not investigated far enough before broadcasting distorted facts.

- OUYA is NOT a scam
Plain and simple. OUYA is NOT a scam. It is a company started by CEO Julie Uhrman, that raised funds on Kickstarter. Uhrman has a business plan, and was already well known in and among the video game industry. She is a very motivated individual, and has every intention to make OUYA into a profitable business that succeeds. By doing so, that means OUYA will need to gain support from major developers, as well as indie developers. They will need to sell games, by making sure their business plan is one that can attract customers, and keep them. Many people have already received their OUYA consoles, and can confirm that they work just as the company said they would.

- OUYA IS shipping consoles to Kickstarter backers
There are over 60,000 OUYA consoles that have to be shipped out to Kickstarter backers. The company stated that the consoles will begin shipping on March 28th, 2013, and nothing has changed. In fact, they actually started shipping OUYA's out to backers a day early. 60,000 is a HUGE number of consoles to ship. It's something that large companies like Nintendo, Apple, Sony, and Microsoft have a difficult time doing, let alone a small Kickstarter backed company like OUYA. If you backed OUYA on Kickstarter, your console will be shipped. OUYA claims that all of them will be shipped by the end of April, and we have no reason to believe that this won't happen. OUYA never said that Kickstarter backers would be getting their consoles at the end of March. That's something that was simply perceived unfairly by the media and the backers.

- OUYA is not run by or affiliated with Google
I keep seeing, over and over again, especially on Twitter and Google+, people talking about how OUYA is a Google game console. This could not be any further from the truth. OUYA is a game console by Boxer8 (now OUYA Inc.), a company that has no relation to Google. The main reason why people believe that it is a "Google Console" is simply because the operating system runs on Android. OUYA does not use the Google Play store, and the console was not developed by Google. This would be like saying, your Honda Civic is a "Goodyear Car" because it has Goodyear tires. It's simply not the case.

- OUYA is NOT a console that plays smartphone games on a TV
Another misconception that I see posted over and over again on Twitter. OUYA was not developed to play smartphone games. It was developed to play games created for the Android operating system. This means that developers who are familiar with developing games for Android phones & tablets can easily create games for OUYA. It also means that Android (phone/tablet) games can easily be ported over to the OUYA. However, you won't be playing "smartphone games" on the OUYA. You will be playing "OUYA games" on the OUYA. Sure there could be games on the OUYA that are also found on your smartphones/tablets. However, the same can be said about other consoles, as well as your PC. OUYA is a console that plays games created for the Android OS.

- OUYA Controllers do NOT ship broken
Ever since an unboxing video by Ben Gilbert of Engadget, there have been rumors spreading that OUYA is shipping out broken controllers. The reason was because in the unboxing video, the right face-plate on the OUYA controller was snapped off. Ben Gilbert never claimed that it was broken, but did say that "It was unfortunate, that it snapped off". Our sources say that OUYA did this on purpose to show recipients of the consoles that the face-plates do pop off. The reason for this is because the OUYA controller is quite different than the controllers you and I are typically used to. Instead of putting the batteries in the back side of the controller, one battery goes in each side of the controller. In order to put them in, the left and right face-plates pop off, and then back on. The controllers are meant to do this. This didn't happen because it was cheaply made, or because it broke in the shipping process.

- OUYA isn't competing with the big dogs
Stop trying to compare OUYA (a $99 console) to the big dogs like the PS4 and the next generation Xbox. There is no evidence that OUYA plans to or is trying to compete with the big dogs of the video game industry. The OUYA is targeted toward gamers who don't mind handing over 100 bucks for a console that can be customized, hacked, and carried from place to place easily. It is a console that will make game development a heck of a lot easier, and one that will let even the most amateur game developers have hopes of becoming famous. At the same time, this doesn't mean that OUYA won't cater to AAA game developers.

- OUYA doesn't have a lag issue
There have been several articles, which have been tweeted and retweeted over and over again about the OUYA having major lag issues. This simply is not the case. There have been some lag issues pointed out in certain games, but this is a software issue on the part of the games' developers in most cases, not an overall "OUYA Problem". If a game is made correctly for the OUYA there should be no lag issues. Also keep in mind that the official OUYA launch is not until June 4th, so some of the lag could be because of bugs that will be worked out by June.

- OUYA has NEVER advertised that they support emulators
Every day, I've been seeing articles and social media posts about how OUYA is advertising that they support emulators. This is completely untrue. They have never even made any sort of announcement that they will be supporting emulation. All of the news that you have heard mostly came from (this unofficial OUYA fan site). While it's true that they have not advertised that they are supporting emulators, it's also true that they will allow emulators in their store. We have already broken stories about the N64, SNES, NES, and about a dozen other emulators that will be, or are currently available on the OUYA.

- Emulators are not illegal
OK, so OUYA will have emulators available in their store. This does NOT mean that they will be sued by Nintendo, SEGA, or any of the other company out there that emulators will be available for. Allowing the download of emulators is not illegal. If it were the case, Google would have been sued multiple times already. The majority of the emulators that are coming to the OUYA can also currently be found in the Google Play store. What is illegal, and what OUYA will not allow, is the downloading of ROMs (games for emulators) from the official OUYA store. However, this does not mean it is impossible to download ROMS to your OUYA. OUYA is an open game console that allows side loading of apps (similar to Android smartphones and tables). What OUYA is doing is not illegal, and it is no different than anything that has been going on in the video game industry for the past couple decades. Games that are currently under copyright law are illegal to download ROMS of, if the downloader does not have an original copy of the game. This means that it is up to you as a gamer to either follow the law or break the law (by side-loading ROMS of games you don't own to your OUYA).

- Good games take time to developer
One of my pet peeves is when people criticize the OUYA for not having any "good games". First of all, this is not true, if you have taken the time to simply try out some of the games on the OUYA. Sure, the majority of the games are of the indie variety, and probably only took several months to develop or port to OUYA. However, you must remember that the OUYA Kickstarter campaign did not begin until July of 2012. This means that it has not even been a full 9 months since people began hearing about the OUYA. Do you know how long it takes a AAA developer to create a game? It can take several years. To expect OUYA to have all kinds of original content from AAA developers is insane. Even if some of these developers were in contact with OUYA prior to their Kickstarter launch (I doubt very few were, if any), their games still couldn't feasibly be available yet. Have patience my friends, I have full confidence that we will see plenty of games coming to the OUYA in the next several months and years from well known developers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Help put an end to all the misconceptions about the OUYA, by helping us spread this article, via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit and elsewhere around the net.

Ed Krassenstein